Welcome to our website!  We at 216 tactical are looking for people to join our team.  Our team is based on mutual respect between members of the ARMA family.  We are all about having fun in a laid back manner, but in the field of battle, we operate as if Sun Tzu incarnate is in us.  We conduct operations after intense planning and our performance is enhanced through battle drills.  We strive to bring honor to our esprit de corps.

A few of us in the team have been playing ARMA and its predecessor Operation Flashpoint since its foundation early last decade.  We can’t see ourselves playing any other game and believe in the military tradition it so finely simulates.  We are hoping to attract like minded people to join us in the journey.

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About Serp

Operation Flashpoint kicked this series off for me and I've been hooked ever since. I'm all about the small unit infantry tactics and playing as a team. My love of aviation extends in game, I like to fly MOE and fast. In multiplayer flying is less rewarding then clearing a village with a tight fire team. For that reason, I tend to favor the ground & pound method over hitting from the air. Home is the Mile High City, Denver, CO USA.